Some Website Changes

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If you looked at my website’s GitHub repository you may have noticed that I have been a bit busy changing some things there. In this post, I will be explaining some of these changes.

First of all, I am no longer using GitHub Pages to host my website, I now use Netlify.

I also added some new code for redirects. Now, instead of having to change JavaScript in one file, I just add a new file, build the site, and push to the GitHub repository. This was done for multiple reasons:

  • I did not want to have to look through a single file’s JavaScript code to find, change or add more redirects.
  • I also didn’t like the old redirects, the URLs used to look like With the new redirect system, the URLs will look like That looks a lot better.

Reasons for the switch to Netlify:

  • I wanted to be able to use NetlifyCMS to easily change or add new redirects.
  • Netlify has support for SSL for custom domains. It may not be a feature that I will be using for now as I use CloudFlare for this but it may come in helpful in the future.

There may have been other changes that I missed out and I don’t really know if these changes were worth a blog post but here it is.

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